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The webite for the Youtube channel Zombie TechPad. To me its very interesting to look at how old retro games run on a modern tv set up, enhanced with mClassic upscaler. More information of the tech make up of the systems and equiptment used for recording the youtube videos will be added soon. I also have a modest collection of games I’ve gathered over the years. I’d like to use this opportunity to document my collection/archive in video form and also share what games I have.

Why the name Zombie TechPad?

Well the site mascot Zee has been carried over from my old Podcast days with 4GuysAndAZombie. I’ve always like her design also I’ve been guilty of going on a few binge game nights, completely engrossed in what I was playing at the time. The next day I’d feel like how Zee looks. Techpad is a reference to my technology setup which I think is a unique combination of soft-modded systems connected to a image upscaler. Huge modern games dont have the same appeal to me as they once did. Mechanics designed to knickle and dime you in ‘Free’ to play multiplayer games dont excite me. Serious blockbusters rarely look fun either although I do usually prefer single player experiences than multiplayer ones.

The basic set up is to capture footage from my WiiU and PlayStation 3 consoles directly and then enchanced with mClassic HDMI adapter. The reason I’m using modded systems is so I can play games from previous generations of each respective console. A modded WiiU can play GameCube, Wii and WiiU games, like wise a modded PS3 can play PS1 most PS2* and PS3 games. I also have a Sega MegaDrive Mini to play classic 8 and 16Bit era games on which I plan to capture footage from as well.

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