Super Mario Sunshine

Super Mario Sunshine
Super Mario Sunshine mClassic Comparison

Today we take a look at Super Mario Sunshine! This is the GameCube version of the game running on the softmodded WiiU. This is the GameCube version of the game running on the softmodded WiiU. The Nintendo GameCube doesn’t output via HDMI natively and even though the Wii plays all GameCube games via backward compatibilty, it also doesn’t natively support HDMI out. The solution for this is a softmodded WiiU running the game at a native 480p and then using an mClassic HDMI add-on to upscale to 1080p. You can see in the comparison video the difference mClassic makes for these older games.

Mario, Princess Peach, Toadsworth, and Toad have come to Isle Delfino for some relaxation. Upon arrival, however, they discover the island has been polluted causing its energy source, the Shine Sprites, to disappear. The culprit is similar in appearance to Mario, who is blamed for the mess, so the portly plumber is forced to clean up the island. Mario is given an invention called FLUDD (a backpack with several water nozzles) to help him clean up graffiti and mud and capture the real villain. Super Mario Sunshine gameplay features a combination of action and puzzle solving, with numerous stages and multiple episodes to each stage, and plenty of hidden secrets and surprises.

The whole thing looks amazing, too, with the most realistic water ever seen in a video game and a near infinite draw distance. And that’s without evening mentioning the rideable, fruit juice-spewing Yoshis, the extra water nozzles, the super-hardcore platform levels where Shadow Mario nicks your jet pack, or the goop-generating bosses who seem to live to make Princess Peach’s laundry a nightmare.

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