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Warrior Within PS2 Upscaled
Prince of Persia Warrior Within mClassic

Today we take a look at Prince of Persia Warrior Within! This is the PS2 version of the game running on the softmodded PS3. The Sony Play Station 2 doesn’t output via HDMI . The solution I’ve come up with for this is a softmodded PS3 running the game at a native 480p and then using an mClassic HDMI add-on to upscale to 1080p. You can see in the comparison video the difference mClassic makes for these older games.

Prince of Persia: Warrior Within is the direct sequel to Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. The game has a new, darker look for the Prince and his surroundings. The fights are more brutal and take a larger part in the game, as the Prince now has enhanced fighting moves including new attack moves via walls and poles.

Seven years later, the Prince is hunted by a monster known as Dahaka. He finds out that anyone who manipulates the Sands of Time is destined to die shortly afterwards; but the Prince has escaped his fate, and that’s the reason for Dahaka’s rage. Now the Prince must travel to the mysterious Island of Time, where he hopes to find the Empress of Time and, through time manipulation, somehow prevent her from creating the Sands in the first place…

As a master warrior, the Price is able to perform a great variety of advanced and deadly fighting techniques. He is now able to fight by taking advantage of the items around him in his environment (lader, pillars, walls, etc.), grab enemies, take their weapons and throw them or use them as secondary weapons. The Prince can use his superior agility to gain the upper hand against his enemies. For each action, a choice of several new actions is avilable to you so that you can create customised Combo chains throughout the fight to defeat your enemies, fighting in your own way.

Even though the fights make up a large part of the game, the puzzle sections are still present and more complicated than before. A new move in the puzzle sections of the game is the curtain slide, which allows you to slide down to the ground slowly. There are still plenty of options for time manipulation and the storyline also lets you travel back and forth in time, visiting the same locations in an alternate time period.

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