All PlayStation 1 games in my videos are recorded from captured footage of a PS3 playing the games in backward compatiblity mode on the system.

PlayStation 1 and slim model

Start of a New Era

Released in Europe in September 1995, the original PlayStation 1 (also known as the PS1 or PSX) was the first video game console developed by Sony Computer Entertainment, and the first in a line of home and handheld consoles boasting sales of over 430 million units worldwide in total. As one of the early systems to use CD-ROMs instead of cartridges, the PlayStation boasted great 3D graphics, sound, and memory for building vast games, and enjoyed a long lifespan which continued right through the PlayStation 2 era and even into that of the PlayStation 3.

Growing the Industry

In 2000, Sony launched a redesigned, ‘slimmer’ version of the console, known as the PSone, which sold over 28 million units worldwide. Ten years after its initial release, the PS1 became the first console to sell over 100 million units worldwide; sales of software for the platform extend past 950 million units worldwide. Among the top new series were platforming giants Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon, while three of the most popular entries in the huge Final Fantasy franchise – VII, VIII, and IX – also saw their console releases exclusively on PlayStation. Sports fans were also covered, with Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, FIFA, WWF, and Madden entries winning over gamers and critics alike.

Todays PlayStation 1 Limitations

The PlayStation 1 doesn’t output via HDMI natively which is why for this set up a modded PS3 is used as it natively supports HDMI out. The system is set to output at 480p and then using the mClassic HDMI add-on to upscale upto 1080p. You can see in the comparison video the difference mClassic makes for these older PS1 games.