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This Aug report covers the YT channel and website launch on 25th Aug 2020. Obviously the late launch will greatly impact data for this month but its important to review what traffic was generated early on. This report covers Marvel Week, my first weekend and the start of Resident Evil Week.


YouTube Channel 25th – 31st Aug generated 118 views over 6 videos. During this time there was 7.4 hours watched and +27 Subscribers.

X-Men Legends
X-Men Legends II
Marvel Ultimate Alliance
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
Resident Evil

So asking my friends and family to sub to my channel has created the large initial booast for the channel and I’m pleased with the watch time and total number of views. I released 6 videos to push out as much content as possible as I want Youtube to see my channel has content for ranking.


521 Impressions with a 10.9% click-through rate and 57 unique viewers.

Initial impressions is pretty high I think for a channel what didnt exist a week before, also the click-through rate is above 5% which I’m also pleased with. With 27 subs on the channel and 57 unique viewers clearly people where watching the vidoes who weren’t subscribed to my channel.


Average view duration is 2:22 minutes with top video of the month X-Men Legends GameCube HD with mClassic which is my first video uploaded. It has had the most time to generate views and benefitted from day one launch traffic.


Most notable stat for this category is Average views per viewer which is 3.3. I’m happy with that as a starting off point. My channel had very little content but still retained some viewers. Also to note during this time 65.4% of the watched time was from non-subscribers!

Website Aug Report

The website was also launched along side my youtube channel and to be fair some of these stats will be off because I dont have a static IP address. So my work on the website will impact page views etc.

Users = 5, Sessions =31, Page Views = 176, Avg. Session Duration = 3:05

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