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Stat report

This Oct report continues to cover the YT channel and website into the second full month. This report covers the first PS3 games and some interesting new trends for the channel. Due to issues getting videos out at the same rate as Sept there is a huge reduction in content this month. Only 9 videos got published but even with that a new source unrelated to google or YT became one of the largest sources for the channel.


YouTube Channel 1st – 31st Sept generated 753 views (- 22.9%) over 9 videos. During this time there was 34.5 hours (- 40.9%) watched and +6 Subscribers (down 70%).


5.6K Impressions (- 31.7%) with a 6.2% click-through rate (- 3.22%) and 405 unique viewers (+ 2.22%). Impressions are down due to lack of new content with only 9 videos released and unique views are up which surprised me. Click-through rate is up and above the important 6% range which is where I wanted it. A new external source could explain the rise in unique views, for the first time my Super Mario 64 video got shared on Reddit which generated 45.3% of external traffic to the channel.


Average view duration is 2:44 minutes (-27%) with top video of the month Killzone 2 with 3.43 hours. It was released Saturday 31st Oct. Previous months top video had 4.26 hours watched.


Most notable stat for this category is Average views per viewer which is 1.9 (down 24%). People are less incline to watch more videos after the first one. Also to note during this time 83.0% of the watched time was from non-subscribers which is an increase from last month.

Website Oct Report

The website was also launched along side my youtube channel and to be fair some of these stats will be off because I dont have a static IP address. So my work on the website will impact page views etc.

Users = 53 (+112%), Sessions = 138(+72%), Page Views = 433(+76%), Avg. Session Duration = 5:59 (+41%)

Passive Income

Last month I created affiliate accounts for Amazon and eBay to:
Amazon generated £9.95 from 25 clicks on 3 ordered item.
eBay generate £0.05 from 13 clicks with 2 items ordered.

Future Plans

Expanding online presence with social media accounts may help drive more traffic to my videos. Off the back of the Reddit post I created an account to share images of my collection and get involved in related subreddits. I may also expand to Facebook & Instagram but probably wont because fuck Facebook.

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