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Stat report

This Sept report continues to cover the YT channel and website into their first full month. This report covers themed weeks like Resident Evil Week, MonolithSoft Week my first weekend and the start of 35 Year Mario Week, Racing Week and Sonic Week so theres a lot to get through.


YouTube Channel 1st – 30th Sept generated 977 views (up 350%) over 25 videos. During this time there was 58.4 hours (up 540%) watched and +8 Subscribers (down 70%).

September has been all about getting content out so when I promote my videos I’ll have a back catelog of content for people to get through. I also played about with nailing a thumbnail theme/look for my channel & videos in general. I experimented with a number of different styles to finally land on my current look. This will be revised and developed further as time goes on. I stuck to releasing 6 videos a week for consistence to provide YouTube confidence it can rely on my release schedule.


8.2K Impressions (up 999%) with a 6.0% click-through rate (down 45%) and 396 unique viewers (up 570%). Impressions and unique views go hand and hand here with both up substantually over last month. Click-through rate is down but still in the 6% range which is where I wanted it. Possible reasons why its dropped could be because of the type of videos I’m releasing.


Average view duration is 3:35 minutes (up 43%) with top video of the month Shin Megemi Tensei Digital Devil Saga with 4.26 hours. It was released Saturday 12th Sept after Mario Week.


Most notable stat for this category is Average views per viewer which is 2.5 (down 33%). People are less incline to watch more videos after the first one. Also to note during this time 78.8% of the watched time was from non-subscribers which is an increase from last month.

Website Sept Report

The website was also launched along side my youtube channel and to be fair some of these stats will be off because I dont have a static IP address. So my work on the website will impact page views etc.

Users = 25 (+316%), Sessions =80(+142%), Page Views = 296(+57%), Avg. Session Duration = 4:13 (+9.77%)

Passive Income

In Sept I created affiliate accounts for Amazon and eBay to:
1) Advise other people where they can find the games I play
2) Open a small passive income stream to cover costs for hosting and future investments.
I want to make clear this is a passion project for me so I have zero intention to quit the ‘day job’ for a career as a social media influencer.
Amazon generated £1.74 from 16 clicks on 1 ordered item.
eBay generate £0.00 from 7 clicks with zero items ordered.

Future Plans

I plan on upgrading my current PC build to help streamline caputuring footage of games. Expand the type of videos I create including play throughs and top 10 lists. Increase social media presence on Twitter and Reddit and lastly create an Etsy affiliate account to push creative unique merchandise and accessories.

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