mClassic HDMI Upscaler

mclassic HDMI upscaler
mclassic HDMI upscaler

mClassic is designed to boost game graphics in real-time to produce a sharper more beautiful picture for any HDMI game console. Given the right supporting display mClassic can upscale Nintendo Switch games to 1440p.

On my YouTube channel I’ve made it my aim to record what impact mClassic has when used to play games for late 90’s up to and including Nintendo Switch.

Not only does it upscale, but it also applies anti-aliasing, image sharpening, adds depth of field with no input lag. mClassic can actually scale from half a million pixels all the way up to 8 million with no colour loss.

Tech Specs


VTV-1224 design by Marseille Inc, HDMI 1.4b Receiver and Transmitter, HDCP 1.4 encryption/decryption, 4K Chroma 4:4:4 scaler processor and 120FPS graphics post-processor


Real-time gaming AI machine 2.0


Uncompressed Linear PCM, Up to 8 channels at 192KHZ, Dolby Digital/EX/Plus/TrueHD/Atoms, DTS-ES/DTDS-HD/DTS-HD and DSD/SACD up to 8 channels


480p60Hz -> 1080p60Hz & 1440p60Hz*
VGA60Hz -> 1080p60Hz & 1440p60Hz*
720p30/60Hz -> 1080p60Hz & 1440p60Hz*
1080p30/60Hz -> 1440p60Hz*
*For what I’ve tested


Nintendo -> Switch and Hacked WiiU (VC – N64, NES, SNES, MD, GBA + vWii + GameCube)

Sony -> Hacked PS3 Slim (PS1 + PS2)

Microsoft -> Xbox 360, Xbox One X

Sega -> Dreamcast

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