Weekly Purchase Aug 25-28

Here you can find a list of the games I’ve covered on the Youtube channel.

GCN - X-Men Legends

X-Men Legends available on PS2, Xbox and Gamcube at Amazon UK

GCN - X-Men Legends II

X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse available on PS2, PSP, PC, Xbox and GameCube at Amazon UK

MUA mClassic Comparison

Marel Ultimate Alliance available on PS2, Xbox and Wii at Amazon UK

MUA2 mClassic comparison

Marel Ultimate Alliance 2 available on PS3, Xbox and Wii at Amazon UK

These games are all covered as a single playlist on Youtube here. Thanks for watching and keep growing your collection, also please keep checking back. I’ll be adding new games to this playlist in the future.

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